Step 3

Mise à jour le   03/02/2023

Step 3 - Registering at UBO

For international students who have applied, been accepted and have just received their visa.

You must now fill in the administrative part of your registration. This can be done online between 6 and 16 July, and from 23 August 2022.
If you experience any difficulties with the online registration, you can register when you arrive in Brest.



CVEC (contribution to student life and campus payment)

This contribution goes towards student welcome activities, programmes (social, health, cultural and sporting), and preventive and educational health services (see Article L. 841-5 of the French Code of Education (Code de l’éducation).

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the CVEC is set at €95. This can be paid on-line via the site or in cash at post offices branches (there is a €5 bank charge fee for this service. You will receive an invoice in the post and the receipt certificate (attestation) will be issued two working days after your payment has been made. Please note that you should first download the certificate on the following site:

. The contribution will be paid to the CROUS (state-run regional centres for student services) of the regional education board.

IMPORTANT: You must provide proof of payment for the CVEC when registering at your higher education institution even if you are exempt from this contribution.

There are four different types of student exemption categories:


• Students with scholarships or who receive specific annual allowances;
• Students with/who are claiming refugee status
• Students receiving subsidiary protection (protection subsidiaire);
• Students who are asylum seekers and who have been granted the right to stay in the country.