Preserving resources and biodiversity

Mise à jour le   20/06/2024
On a daily basis, with the help of all those involved, the university is working to adopt a sustainable and rational approach to its operations, to encourage new, more environmentally-friendly practices, and thus reduce its ecological footprint. Among the many challenges: protecting biodiversity and conserving energy and resources.

UBO manages a 260,000 m² portfolio of 84 buildings. From the environmental footprint to the economic aspect, not forgetting user comfort, there are many issues to consider when managing these buildings.

  • For several years now, UBO has been using a centralized technical management system to supervise the heating, electricity and water systems at its various sites. To take this approach a step further, meters will gradually be installed on each campus site. The aim is to monitor energy consumption by building in real time.
  • The university uses district heating generated by the recycling of waste from the Greater Brest area. Find out more about the university's heating system.
  • Energy-efficient renovation of the university's buildings is an essential lever for reducing its energy footprint and improving conditions for staff and students. Major renovation projects are planned or underway. These include the Bouguen university library and Building G of the Faculty of Science, with external thermal insulation and the installation of presence detectors for LED lighting.
  • UBO is a signatory to the "Biomass heating network" project, led by Brest Métropole, which will supply the Brest Iroise technology park (Plouzané) by 2023. The project will use mostly renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Since 2012, UBO has no longer used phytosanitary products to maintain its green spaces. This requirement also applies to service providers working within the framework of public contracts. The green spaces teams use alternative and natural methods, such as weeding with white vinegar. This virtuous approach not only preserves biodiversity, but also protects everyone's health: gardeners, users, residents...
  • UBO boasts a wealth of green spaces, many of which are part of a green network that plays a major role in the metropolis and needs to be strengthened. With this in mind, new facilities are being created, such as the flower meadows on rue des Archives.



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A rainwater infiltration basin at Bouguen

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The university's commitment to protecting the environment and resources is also reflected in the modernization and energy renovation of its buildings. These real estate investments will rationalize building operating costs and improve conditions for students and staff.

energy efficiency

UBO has embarked on an energy-saving initiative, the various measures of which are designed to help achieve the target set by the French government of a 10% reduction in the energy consumption of each university by 2024.