GO IMMUNO meeting

The GO Immuno meeting 2023, organised by the LabEx IGO (Laboratory of Excellence Immunotherapy-Graft-Oncology) will bring together all the research teams from Nantes, Angers, Rennes and Brest from this research network in immunology and immunotherapy and will welcome all researchers, students and clinicians interested in these themes.

IBSAM Symposium - Lucie Kondor awarded for the best flash presentation

Lucie Kondor (M2 student) received the prize for the best flash presentation at the IBSAM Annual Symposium.

LabEx IGO internal call for young researchers: Soizic Garaud awarded

The LabEx IGO awarded two projects at their yearly internal call for young researchers.

New article in Nature Review in Rheumatology

Immune-checkpoint inhibitor use in patients with cancer and pre-existing autoimmune diseases

Dr. Soizic Garaud joins the team: presentation

Dr. Soizic Garaud is joining the LBAI-UMR1227 as a Postdoctoral Fellow after her project "Immunological variables associated to immune checkpoint inhibitor toxicity in cancer patients" was selected in the framework of the BIENVENÜE programme.

Dr. Soizic Garaud joins UMR1227: presentation



L'UBO Fête la science : Présentation de l'Hyperion

Une révolution technologique au service de la caractérisation des cancers et des maladies autoimmunes, l’Hypérion. Par Jacques-Olivier Pers.