LabEx IGO internal call for young researchers: Soizic Garaud awarded

The LabEx IGO awarded two projects at their yearly internal call for young researchers.

New article in Nature Review in Rheumatology

Immune-checkpoint inhibitor use in patients with cancer and pre-existing autoimmune diseases

Dr. Soizic Garaud joins the team: presentation

Dr. Soizic Garaud is joining the LBAI-UMR1227 as a Postdoctoral Fellow after her project "Immunological variables associated to immune checkpoint inhibitor toxicity in cancer patients" was selected in the framework of the BIENVENÜE programme.

Dr. Soizic Garaud joins UMR1227: presentation



L'UBO Fête la science : Présentation de l'Hyperion

Une révolution technologique au service de la caractérisation des cancers et des maladies autoimmunes, l’Hypérion. Par Jacques-Olivier Pers.

Karim Amrane

PhD student, AH