Mobility offer for an Inserm Researcher

A position is available at LBAI-UMR1227 for an Inserm Researcher in Immunology.

EULAR 2022

EULAR 2022 to take place from 1 to 4 June

Transfer Technology Prize: Olivier Mignen and his group awarded

Dr. Olivier Mignen and his team have been awarded the prize of 'Transfer of Technology' by Ouest Valorisation.

Dr. Soizic Garaud joins the team: presentation

Dr. Soizic Garaud is joining the LBAI-UMR1227 as a Postdoctoral Fellow after her project "Immunological variables associated to immune checkpoint inhibitor toxicity in cancer patients" was selected in the framework of the BIENVENÜE programme.

Congress on Lupus

On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September will take place the next congress on Lupus of the Reference Centre for Rare Systemic Autoimmune Diseases (CERAINO). 

Presentation of Anthony Mainguy, PhD student at LBAI

Anthony Mainguy joined the LBAI in 2020 to carry on a thesis project on the Implication of calcium signaling in the differentiation and functional orientation of the B lymphocyte. Watch a presentation video...

New publication in Nature Communications

A new molecular classification to drive precision treatment strategies in primary Sjögren's syndrome

Mobility offer for an Inserm researcher

LBAI proposes a mobility offer to an Inserm researcher.

Bienvenüe call 2021 - Congratulations to Soizic Garaud for her successful application

Dr. Soizic Garaud's will join the LBAI team to lead her postdoctoral project "Immunological variables associated to immune checkpoint inhibitor toxicity in cancer patients".

Imaging mass cyctometer Hyperion: a first publication

"High dimensional imaging mass cytometry panel to visualize the tumor immune microenvironment contexture"