EULAR 2022

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Hybrid: Copenhagen (DK) and online

This 2022 edition of the EULAR congress will take place from 1 to 4 June. 


This major event in the field of rheumatology is an opportunity for experts from all over the world to exchange about the latest scientific advances in clinical, translational and basic research. 


Prof. Jacques-Olivier Pers will chair a session (together with Dr. Chiara Baldini from University of Pisa, Italy) dedicated to Sjogren syndrome, to discuss about the characteristics of lymphoproliferative complications in Sjogrens's syndrome with a focus on the mechanisms underlying the relationship between chronic inflammation of the glandular microenvironment and B cell disregulation. This session will also give an overview on the state of the art of biomarkers for lymphoma development in Sjogrens's syndrome.


Prof. Jacques-Olivier Pers will also present the results of a research work newly published in Arthiritis Rheumatology: Machine learning identifies a common signature for anti-SSA/Ro60 antibody expression across autoimmune diseases. 


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