Transfer Technology Prize: Olivier Mignen and his group awarded

Trophées Valorisation SATT Ouest Valorisation


On 23rd November, Dr. Olivier Mignen and his team were awarded the prize of 'Transfer of Technology' by Ouest Valorisation and the innovation campus of the cities of Western and Southern Brittany (Brest - Vannes - Lorient) for their work on the KALSIOM start-up.

Olivier Mignen, Researcher at LBAI and Lecturer at the University of Western Brittany, co-founded KALSIOM in 2020. His team works on the development of new “First-in-class” immunomodulatory antibodies targeting the molecules involved in calcium influx (STIM, ORAI, TRP). The objective is to provide new drug candidates intended for the treatment of autoimmune pathologies such as lupus (SLE) or myasthenia.

Ouest Valorisation is a Technology Transfer Office that provides support to public research laboratories in Western France in adding value to the results of their research and fostering the adoption of their technologies by the economic sector. Ouest Valorisation supported the creation of the KALSIOM start-up in the past years.

Watch a presentation video of KALSIOM by Ouest Valorisation featuring Olivier Mignen to know more about the company.