Successful application to MSCA Doctoral Networks 2021 call

LBAI - UMR1227

LBAI will be involved in a new European project after the successful application of the SIGNATURE proposal to the Horizon Europe - MSCA Doctoral Networks 2021 call.


SIGNATURE - Single cells iN AuToimmUne inflammatoRy disEases


The institutions of the SIGNATURE network will collaborate to foster research on the identification of the mechanisms of response and non-response to therapy in autoimmune diseases using single-cell technologies and advanced bioinformatics. The network is composed of 14 institutions across Europe, gathering specialists in immunology, high-content tissue imaging, mass cytometry, single cell transcriptomics, and bioinformatics, together with SMEs that are leading industrial innovation actions in the field of personalized medicine and precise diagnosis in immune mediated diseases.


The aim of the project is to train a fully proficient new generation of scientists in data science next to fundamental biology, through the implementation of of a multidisciplinary training programme. This will be allowed thanks to the funding of secondments where early-stage researchers will have the opportunity to be host and trained by partner organisations in the use of essential technologies that are urgently needed in the field: single cell technologies, liquid biopsy, deep profiling, spatial data analysis, multi-omic data integration and systems immunology.


UBO will host 3 PhD students and 1 PhD student from UBO will be host in a partner organisation.


The project is led by the Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud (FPS, Spain) and will receive a funding of €2,630,239.