Brest Mass Days on 16 & 17 March 2023

LBAI/UMR1227 and the HYPERION platform are organising the first edition of the Brest Mass Day, a congress dedicated to imaging and flow mass cytometry.

Décès du Professeur Pierre Youinou

Nous faisons part avec émotion du décès du Professeur Pierre Youinou, fondateur du laboratoire de recherche en Immunologie de Brest en 1984, qu'il dirigea jusqu'en 2011.

A giant step forward for the treatment of patients with PPR

New publication from LBAI-UMR1227 in JAMA: blocking IL-6 using tocilizumab has a strong steroid-sparing effect in Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Successful application to MSCA Doctoral Networks 2021 call

LBAI will be involved in a new European project after the successful application of the SIGNATURE proposal to the MSCA Doctoral Networks 2021 call.

Annual Symposium of the Marine Molecules, Metabolism and Cancer (3MC) network

The Marine Molecules, Metabolism and Cancer (3MC) network from the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest organises its annual symposium on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 May 2022. The event will include a presentation of the KALSIOM start-up by Dr. Olivier MIGNEN.