About LBAI

Mise à jour le   01/06/2022
The UMR 1227 "B Lymphocytes, Autoimmunity and Immunotherapies" (LBAI) brings together several clinical entities: rheumatology, haematology, nephrology and odontology on a research axis dedicated to the study of normal and pathological B lymphocytes.


The autoimmune diseases that are studied are: Sjögren Syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Other patterns can help to better understand the defects observed in autoimmunity such as lymphoproliferations (chronic lymphocytic leukaemia),the  renal transplant rejection or the periodontal disease.


LBAI articulates its scientific project around two main complementary and interconnected axes: an axis dedicated to the understanding of the mechanisms that govern the functional orientation of B cells in autoimmunity, and a translational axis aiming at developing new tools to improve the efficiency of B-cell targeting immunotherapies, while working on a better stratification of patients,  a better understanding of the mode of action of these therapies, and the development of these therapies and innovative therapeutic strategies.   


Our fundamental approaches are supported by our technical platforms (flow cytometry and Hyperion, EpiGenBrest, CalciScreen, Bioinformatics), our unique biocollections, our international and national networks (IMI European projects, H2020 European projects, Labex IGO, Cancéropôle Grand Ouest ...) and our ongoing or upcoming clinical trials (5 PHRC).