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CalciScreen is a R&D and Services core facility dedicated to the identification of Ca2+ signaling modulators for therapeutic applications.


CalciScreen is the first core facility in Europe to offer services from in vitro to in vivo preclinical phases in the field of Ca2+related diseases.


CalciScreen brings together the means and expertise, at the interface between chemistry and biology, of 3 French laboratories located in Brest, Tours and Orléans.


> Skills

1.   Screening of Ca²+ flux modulators - Brest
2.    CA²+ sensitive channels activities - Tours
3.    Custom chemical synthesis services (Synthèses de références, optimisation de composés prometteurs, conception de sonde, criblage de chimiothèque, chimie analytique, modélisation moléculaire et criblage in silico) - Orléans

This technological platform allows a reasoned screening of synthetic or natural compounds that modulate calcium signaling.


> Equipment

Screening of Ca²+ flux modulators - Brest
•    Flextstation station (Molecular Device)
•    Videomicroscope
CA²+ sensitive channels activities - Tours
•    Automated patch-clamp station (Nanion)
Chemistry - Orléans
•    Flow Chemistry
•    H-Cube
•    Scale-up platform
•    RMN 250/400/600/700 Mhz
•    Mass Spectrometry: Maldi-Tof, Q-Tof, sources ESI, ACPI, APPI
•    Chromatography: HPLC, nano-LC, UPLC, SFC, GC, EC, HPTLC, CPC
•    Detector Light Scattering: DEDL
•    Scientific computer cluster: CPU PowerEdge R710 and clusters cards GPU K80 and TitanZ



Calciscreen services and expertise are offered to both academic and industrial entities.

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Real time imaging of Ca 2+ fluxes in single living cells using fluorescence
video microscopy and image analysis. Brest site.