New study to investigate ianalumab and its mechanism of efficacy in Sjögren's patients

LBAI - UMR1227

The clinical study “Biopsy Based Study to Understand Mechanism of Action of ianalumab in Salivary Gland and Explore Relationships with Clinical Assessments” is starting, with a first patient enrolled at the CHU of Brest. This monocentric study involves LBAI - UMR1127 and is sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, who is investigating the ianalumab monoclonal antibody and its mechanism of efficacy in Sjögren’s patients. Ianalumab (VAY736) is a fully human BAFF receptor antagonist engineered to provide ADCC enhanced B cell killing. Salivary gland biopsies will be taken from treated patients and analysed in our Research Unit to investigate changes in the histology of salivary glands. 

It is expected that 20 patients will be enrolled in the study for up to 30 months. 

The results of this study will hopefully contribute to the development of ianalumab as a treatment for Sjögren’s Syndrome. 


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