A Word from the Director

Mise à jour le   07/11/2022

Welcome to IAE Brest, our University School of Management

Our main objective is to boost the employability of our students, which we do through different professionalisation and employability services, and help and advice that students can access before and after they graduate. Working in partnership with regional social and economic actors, we offer work-study programmes, Validation of acquired experience (VAE), and retraining for managers and graduates from other disciplines seeking a dual competence (double compétence). Through our training courses and research work, we also aim to support the emergence of innovative managerial practices.


Located at the tip of Brittany and the forefront of Breton innovation, we share the values of our region: rigour, authenticity, and an openness to the world. We also advocate for a management style that is efficient and respectful for all collaborators, and one that is open to the diversity of people and practices. Mutualism, social responsibility and sustainable development are at the heart of our research work and form the basis of our identity.


QUALICERT certified, IAE Brest is a member of the national IAE France network in which we cooperate with 37 other management schools. This gives our graduates a competitive edge and firmly establishes the reputation of our courses. This can only be achieved through high standards, and at IAE we ask this of our teaching staff as well as our students as regards their level and commitment. IAE works on a human scale. It has created an environment that enables students, teaching staff, and support services to all work closely together, and this is based on the compagnonnage system of knowledge transmission through on-the-job training.


I hope you enjoy taking a look around our site, which I hope will inspire you to come and join us!


Marie-Noëlle Chalaye, Director of IAE Bretagne Occidentale


Degemer mat deoc'h en IAE Breizh-Izel, hor skol-uhel melestramant.

Kenemprañ hor studierien en o micher eo hor pal kentañ dre gemer harp war zoareoù micherelaat. E kevelerezh gant tud ar meteier sokio-armerzhel eus hon tiriad e reomp gant ar studioù e pebeil, ar VAE, hag e roomp bod da sternidi a zo war glask un hent micherel bennak nevez ha da ziplomidi war zanvezioù all, c'hoant ganto da dizhout ur varregezh doubl. Dre hor stummadurioù hag hol labourioù enklask ez omp lakaet da reiñ harp da zoareoù melestramant nevezus o tont war wel.

Gant talvoudegezhioù hon tiriad e vourromp ivez, lec'hiet ma 'z omp e beg Rannvro Breizh : ar rikted, ar wiriegezh, en em zigeriñ d'ar bed. Diwar-se hor youl da gas war-raok ur melestramant efedus ha doujus ouzh e genlabourerien, digor da liesseurted an doareoù hag an dud. E-kreizig-kreiz hol labourioù enklask en em gav ar gerioù Kilezouriezh, Atebegezh Sokial, Keodedourelezh ha Diorren Padus, anezho diazez hon idantelezh.

Testeniet evel stummadur a galite, ez omp ezel eus ar rouedad IAE France hag e labouromp a-gevret gant 37 ensavadur all evit lakaat da dalvezout hon diplomidi ha kadarnaat brud hor stummadurioù. Evit se e c'houlennomp groñs an Darvenn ouzhomp-ni hon-unan : darvenn e-keñver ampartiz hor stummerien, darvenn e-keñver live studi hor studierien hag o live engouestl. Hor patrom a zeskadurezh eo ar gompagnunelezh, anezhi ur patrom a-vent denel, gant darempredoù tost etre ar studierien, ar skipailh pedagogel hag an holl servijoù skoazell.

Hetiñ a ran deoc'h ur weladenn gaer eus hol lec'hienn hag a roio deoc'h, emichañs, ar c'hoant da zont d'hor c'haout...

Marie-Noëlle CHALAYE, Rener ar SUME