Mise à jour le   27/10/2022

IAE Brest: University School of Management


IAE Bretagne Occidentale is a University School of Management which is part of the University of Western Brittany (UBO).


Since 2001, it has been training managers in the main functions of business administration such as finance, accounting, human resources, and marketing/information/management control systems.


IAE Bretagne Occidentale is QUALICERT certified and is also a member of the national IAE France network of 37 schools. This gives our graduates a competitive edge and firmly establishes the reputation of our courses.

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Our training programmes: an asset for companies

IAE Brest offers an alternative to traditional business schools by placing a strong emphasis on the professionalisation and employability of its students through work-study Master’s courses (7 in total) and long-duration placements (6 months).


Given the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is changing today’s occupations, our courses foster and support the development of transversal skills. IAE Brest focuses on the development of “blue” managerial skills and expertise – the specific skills needed to develop the Blue Economy.


The Management School also offers Dual Competence (double compétence) curricula such as management training for engineers, lawyers, and biologists, for example.


Eugénie RAGOT


Active learning

Focused on:

  • role-playing exercises
  • professional projects/career planning
  • case studies
  • business simulation games
  • professionalisation and employability (long-duration internships, work-study programmes)


Classes delivered by:

  • around twenty lecturer-researchers in the field of management
  • around 100 external collaborators (management professionals)

A governance in connection with the social and economic world

The strategic direction of the university school of management is coordinated with actors from the socio-economic world.

External members of IAE Bretagne Occidentale:


Claude Carboulec, Account Manager, Journal des Entreprises (President)

Pascale Charlier, Partner at In Extenso Bretagne

Hubert Bruzac, Deputy Vice-President for Higher Education and Research, Brest Métropole city council

Philippe Le Glas, Training Development Officer for the Managing Director of CCI Métropolitaine Bretagne Ouest (the Western Brittany chamber of commerce and industry)

Alexandre Ebner, Director of Human Resources at Asten

Nathalie Lavirotte, Director, TBleu

Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT)

CHSCT is an advisory body involving UBO members that proposes health and safety measures based on the identification and assessment of risks.