Noz Num

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Noz Num (2022 - 2023)

The Noz Num research project, accredited by Maison des Sciences de l'Homme en Bretagne, is a study whose objective is to understand the social representations related to walking and more generally to night-time travel as well as the appropriation of urban space at night.


This research is based on the experiences and social representations of women who travel at night, what they feel, what they fear, when and why. 

©UBO/Chaire Noz Breizh - Night in Puebla

The Noz Num project has several objectives:


  • The first objective is to prefigure a larger research project, notably by building international partnerships (such as in Mexico with the Universidad Ibero de Puebla) and this through an inter and transdisciplinary approach.
  • The second is the production and application of a research protocol in order to collect qualitative data, related to social representations, and quantitative data, notably physiological measurements related to walking in the city at night.

This protocol includes, on the one hand, questionnaires to which the participants must answer in order to understand their feelings about the night in a general way but also about the specific journey they have just accomplished at night. On the other hand, they will be equipped, during their nightly travels, with connected watches allowing the collection of physiological measurements such as heart rate or walking speed in real time. At the end of the experiment, a semi-structured interview will be conducted to obtain additional information on the physiological measurements collected. The cross-referencing of these two types of data will allow us to highlight the link between the social representations made by women about the night and their experience during their nocturnal movements.

This research protocol is being applied in our two study areas, in Puebla (Mexico) and in Brest (France).

The Franco-Mexican teams associated with the Noz Num project are finalizing data collection in Puebla (Mexico) and Brest, with the support of six students, M1 Psychology RESPI course, UBO.


From October 2022 to March 2023, M1 Psychology students at UBO accompanied the Noz Num project in setting up the research protocol, supervised by Christèle Fraïssé and a professional psychologist.

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Our public meetings

The Noz Num international symposium took place from March 14th to 16th, 2023 at UBO. The main objective was to share the initial results of our exploratory project Noz Num: walking in the city at night, a project accredited by MSHB (2021-2023).

On this occasion, we were delighted to welcome 19 speakers, some of whom travelled from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Poland and Turkey, as well as a number of participants who were able to follow our exchanges, both in person and remotely.

Our scientific exchanges were enriched by a photographic exhibition entitled "Traverser la nuit". Coordinated by gilda charrier, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at UBO, this exhibition enabled us to establish a dialogue between the data from our fieldwork and the artistic work of two Brest-based photographers: Bénédicte de Kersabiec and Nathalie Le Roux.

Thanks to the host laboratories,
UBO departments
and all our partners
who made this symposium possible!

Franco-Mexican teams involved in the Noz Num project are finalizing data collection in Puebla, Mexico. Thanks to all participants!

The project Noz Nu project, walking in the city at night organized a webinar on December 15th, 2022.

Franco-Mexican teams involved in the Noz Num project are finalizing data collection in Brest. Thanks to all participants!

On July 07th, 2022 at 4pm, we held our first seminar (online) in Brest dedicated to Noz Num research project. The aim was to present the project's methodology and our fields of study.