Crossing projects

Mise à jour le   26/10/2023


One of the objectives of the Chair is to create knowledge and to exchange best practices. In order to achieve this, we are including other regions in our research outside the Brest metropolitan area.

CC-BY-NC 2.0 NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center - A night view around the Mediterranean Sea

Introducing our research projects


The project Blue Nights more specifically focuses on the impact of artificial lighting in terms of pollution in tourist areas. Comparative analyses are carried out between Brittany (France), Cádix (Spain) and Malta. The aim is to create a reproducible method that can be applied to our three territories, while respecting each of their specific features. This method will also take into account the seasonal nature of tourism activities.

MORBIHAN (coming soon)

We have reached a partnership agreement with Morbihan Énergies. This collaboration with the Syndicat Mixte d'Énergie du Morbihan gives us the opportunity to test the transposition of our research protocols on Morbihan territories, in concertation with our partner. The first phase involves an inventory of the specific features of the area, combined with the identification and territorialization of the issues involved in the use and development of the city at night.