Noz BIhan

Mise à jour le   05/11/2023

Noz Bihan

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The Noz Breizh chair aims to achieve scientific results by crossing disciplines and operational possibilities at different territorial scales.

With this in mind, a partnership has been signed with Morbihan Énergies, an Établissement public de coopération intercommunale, which works and invests in renewable energy to ensure the development of the energy and digital transition.

Morbihan Énergies and the Noz Breizh chair share the same environmental and societal ambitions around nocturnal temporality, the former with an economic and political focus, the latter with the requirements of university research.

Since 2022, the chair's team of researchers has been studying Brest's territory and its night-time development strategy, using a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. In 2023, we will extend our project to the Morbihan area so as to test a transposition of the methods and participatory approaches currently explored in Brest metropolitan area.


To that extent, a first step consists in an inventory of the specific territorial characteristics of night-time (regional planning, local policies, players, etc.). Combined with the identification and territorialization of management and usage issues, this will lead to an approach and methods adapted to the area.


The study area is therefore the Morbihan department, with a detailed analysis of the issues at stake in specific communes.


Taking into account the presence of the Golfe du Morbihan Regional Nature Park is also crucial, as it embodies a strong commitment to preserving biodiversity and ecological continuity.

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