Axis 1

Mise à jour le   09/10/2023

Social dynamics of city (life) at night

Axis 1 of the Chair is devoted to the analysis of social practices in the city at night.

This area mainly draws on scientific methods used in urban planning, sociology, social psychology, and geography so as to understand and identify urban polarities linked to nocturnal urban practices.

It also focuses on the importance of urban lighting networks in these nocturnal practices and citizens' representations of the night.

CC BY-SA 2.0 Gavriil Papadiotis, One step at a time

Presentation of our research projects

Through different research projects, the purpose of this first axis is to provide a detailed analysis and to take into account the uses and users in the creation of the night-time city and in the management of urban lighting (private and public).


The research project Smart Noz explores the paradoxes that exist between the need to save energy and the need to feel safe at night thanks to artificial lights.


The research project Noz Num aims to shed light on how women travel at night, how they feel when they do, what they fear, when and why.


As part of the Social Dynamics axis, the Right to the city project carries out a sociological study of access, practice and social representations linked to nocturnal temporality.