15th International Symposium on Sjögren's Syndrome

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Rome, Italy

The 15th international symposium on Sjögren's Syndrome will take place in Rome from 7 to 10 September 2022.


LBAI will be involved in the Symposium.


Chairing session

  • 10/09/2022. S Jousse. The role of Salivary Gland Ultrasonography (SGUS) in primitive Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS) patients.


Oral presentations

  • 08/09/2022. JO Pers. Biological markers for stratification in pSS.
  • 08/09/2022. E Desvaux. Multi-modal analysis supports IL-7/IL-7 receptor axis as a relevant target in Sjögren’s Syndrome.
  • 09/09/2022. B Quéré. Characterization of the muscle inflammatory infiltrate by Hyperion technology in inclusion myositis associated with Sjögren’s Syndrome, comparison with sporadic forms
  • 10/09/2022. JO Pers. PRECISEADS

Posters presented

  • Morel M, Pochard P, Dueymes M, Bagacean C, Jousse-Joulin S, Devauchelle-Pensec V, Jamin C, Pers J.O, Cornec D, Bordron A. Cell Glycosylation In Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome: A New Potential Biomarker.
  • Chatzis L, Hemon P, Scuiller Y, Goules A.V, Tzioufas A, Pers JO. Deep Spatial Profiling Of Sjögren Syndrome Patients By Imaging Mass Cytometry: Preliminary Results. 
  • Scuiller Y, Foulquier N, Hemon P, Pers JO, Jamin C. In-Depth Analysis Of Salivary Gland Biopsies: Development Of New Tools Using Hyperion Mass Cytometry To Accurately Determine Sjögren’s. 
  • Quéré B, Saraux A, Carvajal Alegria G, Guellec D, Mouterde G, Lamotte C, Hammenfors D, Jonsson M, Sung-Eun C, Hong-Ki M, Stel A, Fisher BA, Hofauer B, Ferro F, Milic V, Direnzo D, Devauchelle-Pensec V, Jousse-Joulin S. How To Evaluate Ultrasound Abnormalities Of Salivary Glands In Sjögren Syndrome Using Web Training Session During Covid.
  • Chriti N, Tison A, Porchet E, Marec N, Devauchelle-Pensec V, Pers JO, Hillion S, Cornec D. France SSA-Reactive B Cells Escape Peripheral Tolerance Checkpoints In Patients With Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome.
  • Bettacchioli E, Saraux A, Tison A, Cornec D, Dueymes M, Alarcón-Riquelme ME, Devauchelle-Pensec V. What does isolated anti-Ro52 antibody positivity means in Sjögren’s Syndrome ? 
  • Brahim I, Lamard M, Ben-Youssef A, Conze P, Cochner-Lamard B, Quellec G, Cornec D. Automatic quantification of dry eye by artificial intelligence in the context of Sjögren's syndrome.
  • Chevet B, Chiche L, Devauchelle-Pensec V, Cornec D. How Rare Is Primary Sjögren Syndrome?
  • Rabault R, Jousse-Joulin S, Saraux A, Courtois-Communier E, Cornec D, Guellec D, Marhadour T, Houssais C, Tison A, Devauchelle-Pensec V. Salivary Glands Ultrasonography Value In Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients With Dry Syndrome.
  • Chatzis L, Hemon P, Scuiller Y, Goules AV, Tzioufas AG, Pers JO. Deep Spatial Profiling Of Sjögren Syndrome Patients By Imaging Mass Cytometry: Preliminary Results.


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