Incoming Students

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Incoming Students

The IUT Quimper welcomes international students!

Video made by 3rd year students, in 2024.

The IUT Quimper campus hosts 1 400 students; it is equipped with a library, a cafeteria and a university restaurant, the latest sports facilities, and a student life center.

1- Campus map
2- Accommodation 

Different options are offered:

The CROUS student residence

2 minutes away (on foot) from the IUT

Rent: €240 including charges (if you complete the CAF documents on your arrival, you may qualify for housing benefit, which amounts to around 30 €/month.)
Surface: 9 m²
Collective spaces: dining room, work room, TV room, laundry
Shared facilities: washing machine, dryer, ironing board, iron
Individual facilities: Refrigerator, Shower, sink, toilet, desk, chair, 1 single bed, cupboards.
Security: Caretaker / porter
Connectivity: Internet terminal (cable provided), Wifi

To book a room, please contact the IUT Quimper's International office. 


Ti Ar Menez private residence

Rent: between €208 and €249 - the possibility of housing benefit applies.
Surface: 21m²
Common areas: lounge
Shared facilities: washing machine, dryer, bicycle storage
Individual equipment: living room, kitchen, table, sink and cupboard, electric stove, refrigerator, sink, shower, WC, closets, double bed, bedside table, a desk, two chairs.
Security: security code
Connectivity: Internet terminal, Wifi
2 minutes away (on foot) from the IUT!

To book a room, please contact directly the residence.

Private Housing Market

You may rent a flat by yourself, but you'll have to search by yourself.

Here are some websites:

Lokaviz (To have access to the contact details of the landlord, you have to create an account HERE first, then you can sign in HERE)

Locservice (flatshare)

Habitat Jeune

Le Bon Coin

Se Loger

Paru Vendu

Ouest France


3- CROUS restaurant & cafeteria

A cafeteria and a university restaurant are open from Monday to Friday, from 11h30 to 13h30.

You'll have to use your student card to pay for meals.

4- Sports

The university offers a wide range of sports, it's free for Erasmus and exchange students.

A medical certificate may be required. You may get one at the Service Santé UBO.

The IUT Quimper is part of the University of Bretagne Occidentale which is spread over several cities of Brittany: Brest, Quimper, Morlaix...

1- How to come to Quimper? 

By Car

Quimper-Paris = 5h30
Quimper-Rennes = 2h30
Quimper-Nantes =2h30
Quimper-Lorient = 1h
Quimper-Vannes = 1h30
Quimper-Brest = 1h


With BreizhGo it is easy to prepare your trip to Brittany. It's a service that helps you plan your routes and schedules using public transport. It also offers all the information and news of the various transport networks: TER Brittany network Penn-ar-Bed, QUB.


Consider Carpooling


By Train

SNCF train


By Plane

I would advise to land in Paris CDG Airport, or Rennes or Nantes, then take the train to Quimper. 

There is some train leaving directly from Paris CDG Airport.

By Bus



2- How to circulate in Quimper? 

By Bus

Quimper community has a bus transport network, called QUB.


By bike

Quimper Community has a bicycle rental service: VéloQUB.
Rent (3 months, 6 months or 1 year) 150 electric bikes and 25 classic bikes. Bikes to be collected from the QUB depot.

But be aware, Quimper is not a flat city. 


3- What to do in your free time? 

To get to discover Quimper and its Region, you may have look at the activities taking place which are listed on those websites:

Quimper Tourist office

Quimper city 

1- Do I need a VISA? 


2- Health & Social Security

Students coming from an EU member country only need the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).


Students coming from a non EU member country need to register on the French Social Security system, for coverage of their health care expenses throughout their stay in France.

An english telephone hub is available from Monday to Friday, from 8h30 to 17h30:

0033 974 753 646


How to see a doctor? 

You can make an appointment with the doctor of the university health department, located at the Pôle Universitaire Jakez Hélias.


18 Avenue de la Plage des Gueux CS12024 29000 QUIMPER



Or make an appointment online with a doctor in Quimper via Doctolib. You can check if they do the consultation through video.


3- Insurance

Each students will have to contract a accommodation insurance in France.

4- Security Deposit

You'll have to give a security deposit, you may contract a guarantee online.

5- Housing Benefits

You may apply for housing benefits at the CAF.


For students staying at the CROUS Residence, you may apply for housing aid online on the CAF website. To do so, please ask a proof of accommodation to the student residence office. The housing benefit deposit will be directly sent to the student residence, and will be deducted from your rent.

For students staying at a private student Residence, you may apply for housing aid online on the CAF website.

For students renting a private flat, you may apply for housing aid online on the CAF website.

6- Bank account

You'll have to open a French bank account, so I would advise an online bank. So you'll be able to close it from your home country, after you received all the monthly housing benefits for your stay in Quimper.


Students at the IUT Quimper uses the Digital space called "ENT", where they may find:


Student file (Exam results)

Online Timetable

1- Nomination

Deadlines to send nominations by partner universities for
Fall semester: by 15th of May.

2- Students Application

The Incoming students have to fill in the Enrollment form and to send it to the IUT Quimper international office:

And incoming students have to register on MoveOn.

3- Step-by-step 

The FALL Semester starts on the 2nd week of September and ends after the semester exams in December before Christmas holidays.

The SPRING Semester starts after Christmas holidays, at the beginning of January. It ends mid-April. If you choose to stay for the internship, it will end at the end of July.

Julia, from Germany (University of Emden-Leer)

"I came to Quimper by train, and lived in the student residence. I would advise future Erasmus students to bring a raincoat, an umbrella and of course waterproof shoes, but also sunglasses. In my opinion, speaking French is not necessary, but it makes things easier.

I would recommend visiting “La Torche”, it is a really beautiful place and to use weekends for travelling and to learn French. It’s a wonderful language. I was really happy to stay in Quimper for 5 months. Quimper is not a big city, but has a lot to offer. And if somebody is from Middle or North Europe, It’s wonderful to stay here in winter time."



Chiara, from Italy (University of Trento)

"While travelling between Italy and France I tried almost everything, and I can confirm that train+ car-sharing is the best solution ever. I mean, no airplane-luggage-stress and car-sharing is basically a French class that brings you at home.

I had my luggage full of rain-proof stuff: it was not that useful since Brittany was sun-paradise this semester. For fashionistas I would suggest no clothes: bring with you as much money as you can and go wasting it French boutiques.

ok seriously tips: a rain and wind proof coat, a swimsuit to be brave and splash in the ocean, a French grammar if you are dummies as me, photos of your friends in case you miss them, driver licence if you have one so you can rent a car and travel around.

I was too lazy to look for a flat, so I lived in the student residence. The people working here is super nice and you can wake up ten minutes before classes since the residence is twenty meters away from the IUT -but be aware that they are closing kitchens at 23h, so there’s no chance to cook spaghetti in the middle of night.

To have some action, you should visit the museums, if you’re lucky and it’s sunny go to the beach, travel at weekends.

No French is needed to survive. When I came here I was barely able to say “baguette”, now I can order coffee by myself."



Gilles, from Belgium (Leuven)

"I came by to Quimper and lived in a house with another Erasmus student near the school. I would advise future Erasmus to bring a raincoat, an umbrella, a GPS… If they like living in a small town, then Quimper is more suitable. I would recommend Erasmus to go to places like Concarneau, Beg-Meil (if it’s sunny), Rennes, Quimperlé, Guimgamp, Brest and Nantes…because Quimper has loads of big cities around.

My best memories of Quimper will be parties, the chill moments hanging out with my friends, football games in Guimgamp, Rennes or Lorient and, the beginning of my French (it was quite humoristic!)."



Luka, from Belgium (Leuven)

"Do not forget to open a French bank account if you want to receive the CAF (financial help for accommodation). I encourage students to come to Quimper because it is ideal to learn French, everyone is friendly and the education is really personalized, the professors know each student relatively well.

The best of my Erasmus were evenings and nights with friends we made here."




0033 2 98 90 85 78





Monday - Tuesday : 8h-12h / 13h15-16h45

Wednesday - Thursday: 8h-12h / 13h15-15h45

Friday: 8h-12h