Change (2013)

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Séminaire M2 (2013)


Seminaire M2 2013


  • 9h00-9h15: Introduction
    Julien ZERILLI: “Narrative circularity in Thomas Pynchon’s Slow Learner"
  • 9h15-9h50: Re-writing/Re-encoding
    Session chair: Dominique Ségalen
    Noémie LE VOURCH: “Re-encoding the Caribbean Self through Carnival Writing in Earl Lovelace's Novels (1935 - )”
    Fabrice LE CORGUILLÉ: “Native American Autobiographies: From an Alleged Paradox to an Actual Tradition?”
    Emilie COMBOT: "The Rewriting of Gertrude's Willow Speech on Screen : the Example of Melancholia by Lars Von Trier"
  • 9h50-10h00: Questions
  • 10h00-10h25: Changing the Self
    Session chair: Fabrice Le Corguillé
    Aziz ELMISSAOUI: “Balzac: From Liberalism to Conservatism”
    Mélissa BITAUD: “Altering an Author's Image Through his Work: The Example of Villiers De L'isle Adam's L'Amour Suprême.”
    Javier GORRAIS: “Inheritance and Transmission: Reflection on the Jewish Tradition in George Perec’s Récits d’Ellis Island”
  • 10h25-10h35: Questions
  • 10h35-10h45: Coffee Break
  • 10h45-11h10: Gender Issues
    Session chair: Lise Delmas
    Eva RUESKAMP: “Postponing the Post-ism: Issues of Feminism and Femininity in American Fiction and Beyond”
    Pauline BOURDET: “The Changing Figure Of Women In The Années Folles: Provocation Or Liberation?”
    Claire LE GALL: “The Question of Identity and Gender in a Post-Gendered Dystopia: the Example of the Hero(ine) in Charles Stross’ Glasshouse”
  • 11h10-11h20: Questions
  • 11h20-11h35: Space/City and Change
    Session chair: Claire Le Gall
    Sophie LORAND: “(Re)writing Dublin in Tana French’s and Benjamin Black’s Noir Fictions”
    Eva DORVAL: “Space as a Reflection of Social Changes in Zola’s Au Bonheur des Dames and Le Ventre de Paris.”
  • 11h35-11h45: Questions
  • 11h45-12h15: Language, Media and Change
    Session chair: Sophie Lorand
    Audrey COULARIS: “Slang in Literature: A Poetic Renewal?”
    Line SCHUBMEHL: “Linguistic Transfers Between Languages”
    Dominique SÉGALEN: “The New Media and the 2012 General Election in the United States”
    Lise DELMAS: “ Finding a New Balance of Powers? Press, Politics and Hurricane Katrina”
  • 12h15-12h30: Questions