Consortium and teams

Mise à jour le   06/10/2022
Consortium composition

INSERM UMR1078 – Brest (FR)

Junior Research Group, Dr. T. Le Gall (PhD) - GTCA team, Prof. Dr. T. Montier (MD-PhD; OF5)
Expertise: Cystic fibrosis; mucus; bacteriology; photodynamic therapy; aerosol delivery; animal experimentation

CEMCA, CNRS UMR6521 – Brest (FR)

Expertise: coordination chemistry, nanomaterials, characterizations and photophysics, structure activity relationships

CNRS UMR7312, ICMR, Prof. G. Lemercier (PhD)

Expertise: Coordination chemistry: synthesis, characterizations and photophysics

IRBA - Brétigny-sur-Orge (FR)

Dept. of Infectious diseases, Dr. J. N. Tournier (MD-PhD)
Expertise: Hosting and handling of infected animal models