Festival RESSAC - March 19 to 23 2024 - Free

Mise à jour le   26/02/2024
visuel accueil RESSAC

Visuel par Alan Gérard - Lycée Savina à Tréguier (22)

The RESSAC Festival (REchercheS en Sciences, Arts et Création), supported by the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO), will take place from March 19 to 23, 2024 on UBO campuses and in cultural venues around Brest.

The RESSAC Festival combines artistic culture and scientific research, offering free access to some forty shows, exhibitions, films, immersive experiences, concerts, sound installations and conferences, enabling visitors to discover research and creative processes in the "arts and sciences".

This blend of arts and sciences is the result of encounters between scientists and artists, who create a new way of understanding the world by harmonising knowledge and emotion.

Opening up science to the wider public through artistic forms also makes complex scientific approaches more accessible. It's a happy pairing.

The RESSAC festival aims to stimulate, transmit and disseminate emerging initiatives undertaken by UBO staff and students, in association with local, national and international partners. It's a meeting place where artists, researchers, teachers and students are invited to create together and share their creations and creative processes.

La Mue: Shedding, Moulting, Transformation 
The theme of this 2024 edition is La Mue, which can translate to mean Shedding, Moulting and Transformation. It covers all disciplinary fields: La Mue is a biological phenomenon, but more symbolically characterises evolution, transformation and metamorphosis, and runs through all contemporary issues linked to climate and social change, for example. All these variations allow for multiple interpretations, making the scientific field a sensitive one.


"La Mue" or how to transform our heads and bodies to adapt to the climatic and social changes to come. Shedding to renew our experience with the world that shapes us!


This theme reflects the desire to imagine what's possible during and after the "transformation". La Mue evokes the idea of change and renewal. It's an essential process in the living world. La Mue is what allows an individual to evolve and adapt to its environment.