B cells

Décès du Professeur Pierre Youinou

En mémoire à Pierre Youinou

LBAI is hiring a Bioinformatics/Bioanalyst Engineer

LBAI and CHRU of Brest are hiring a Bioinformatics/Bioanalyst Engineer to further strengthen their phenotypic analysis (CyTOF) and multiplex tissue imaging (Hyperion) capacities. Join our research group in Immunology to take part in ambitious projects in the fields of immunotherapies, autoimmune diseases and cancer! Application before 14/04/2022.

Presentation of Anthony Mainguy, PhD student at LBAI

Anthony Mainguy joined the LBAI in 2020 to carry on a thesis project on the Implication of calcium signaling in the differentiation and functional orientation of the B lymphocyte. Watch a presentation video...

Magalie Michée-Cospolite

PhD student

Scientific project

Our scientific project aims to better understand the main determinants that govern the fate of a B cell, and in particular its functional orientation towards an activating (or pro-inflammatory) or