In the skin of Jean-Clone

À 15h30
Les Ateliers des Capucins - Brest
Dans la peau de Jean-Clone

This event is a presentation of the research carried out by UBO Bachelor of Arts students during a workshop led by Julien Mellano in association with La Maison du Théâtre. This is not a finished show, but rather a showcase for the discoveries that emerge from a collective laboratory in turmoil. In connection with Julien Mellano's forthcoming creation "Jean-Clone" (scheduled for November 2024), the idea is to explore the notion of cloning with the means of acting, gesture, misappropriation and manipulation of objects, suspense, humor, light, sound, costume, special effects, etc... in short, with the delicious ingredients of live performance.


  • Julien Mellano and the Bachelor of Arts students 


  • La Maison du Théâtre / Brest
  • Brest Métropole et Ville
  • Collectif d'artistes AIE AIE AIE 
  • Faculté de Lettres et Sciences Humaines | UBO