HUMAN/ANIMAL HYBRIDATION - The monster; at the limit

À 14h00
Les Ateliers des Capucins - Brest
Lycée Vauban

Through a choreographed scenography, students from the première arts appliqués class will explore hybridization through accessories, outfits and even furniture. Their shapes, textures, materials and colours will evoke the following ideas: second skin, moulting, carapace/shell and skin graft.
Based on the body, the aim is to propose a new reading of it, to question notions such as transformation or metamorphosis, both physically and psychologically, between humanity and animality.


  • Anne Poulmarc’h, mathematics & theater teacher
  • Stéphanie Monvoisin, applied arts teacher (STD2A)
  • Myriam Corre, applied arts teacher (STD2A)
  • Les élèves de 1ère STD2A


  • Lycée Vauban, Brest
  • Ateliers des Capucins
  • DRAC