D'un pas vers... l'autre - Parcours sonore

Du au
D'un pas vers... l'autre

Follow the astonishing sound trail around Guillaume Rivière's photographs for the "Vie sauvage au cimetière Terre Cabade" exhibition: your listening experience will evolve little by little, like molting: gradually but ineluctably. Bring your own headphones and smartphone: "D'un pas vers... l'autre" lets you be the master of time, as you decide when to switch from one composition to another, according to the rhythm of your geolocated journey. These pieces were created by students at the Conservatoire de Brest Métropole, as part of R. Matarasso and N. Sprenger's composition classes (acoustic and electroacoustic). Sprenger.


Ruth Matarasso (composer and teacher at CRR Brest Métropole)
Noémie Sprenger (composer and teacher at CRR Brest Métropole)
A dozen students from the Conservatoire de Brest Métropole's electroacoustic and acoustic composition classes.