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Auberge de Jeunesse - Ostal Brest

An error-correcting code creates redundancy in a signal to correct any errors during transmission. Such codes can be found in compact discs, RAM, 4G and more. The graphic representations of these codes have astonishing plastic qualities, evoking string art, caustics, gothic art and even pop art. Students from the image & sound program (UBO) and composition/electroacoustics students from the Brest Conservatory invite you to take an interactive journey, in colour and music, through the error-correcting codes of Emmanuel Boutillon, a researcher at the University of Southern Brittany (Lab-STICC).

Joint opening with the Henka exhibition: Saturday, March 23, 11 a.m.


  • 6 students from Image & Sound (UBO): Mael HERVE, Thomas BLONDEL, Yannis CLOCHARD, Laurette GELIN, Kelig NICOLAS, Olivier REIDENBACH under the supervision of Philippe Ollivier and Etienne Hendrickx.
  • Emmanuel Boutillon, Prof. Lab-STICC/UBS (Lorient)
  • Students from the composition/electroacoustic classes at the Brest Conservatory, under the direction of Ruth Matarasso and Noémie Sprenger


  • Lab-STICC

  • ISB (UBO)

  • UBS

  • CRR Brest

  • Auberge de Jeunesse, Ostal-Brest