To Be The Earth, Study N°2, Ocean Variations

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Océanopolis - Brest
Être Terre, Etude n°2, variations océaniques

To hear and listen to the Earth, its tremors and vibrations, to be immersed in and traversed by telluric forces, and to share the otherness of the non-human, such is the invitation of Être Terre. This sound work is a duet by Lorella Abenavoli and Arthur Enguehard. This second study, Ocean Variations, an original creation for the Ressac festival, will take two forms: an immersive audio installation and listening sessions of selected moments.


Listening session times - Visit in the presence of the creators:

  • Tues. 19, 12H-13H: Creators present
  • Wed. 20, 15H-16H: Creators present 
  • Thurs. 21, 17H-18H: Visit with the creators; 18H-19H: Listening session.
  • Fri. 22, 3pm-4pm: Visit with the creators; 4pm-5pm: Listening session
  • Sa. 23: 1pm-2pm: Visit with the creators ; 2pm-3pm: Listening session.


Reservations essential on:


  • Lorella Abenavoli, artist

  • Arthur Enguehard, geoscientist



  • Océanopolis
  • Département de Géosciences - ENS ; Université PSL 
  • Laboratoire SACRe | PSL 
  • EnsadLab, de l'École des Arts Décoratifs - Paris
  • Association Pepason
  • Association Cidma
  • Association SIANA